Where in the UK offers Triumph remapping?
At Moto Hub we can remap every model of triumph from the very first injected bikes to the most
recent bikes, with a range of mapping equipment depending on the model.

Will remapping my Triumph affect my warranty?
Depending on what manufacturer’s warranty you have it may affect your warranty to remap the
Most dealers understand, so a warranty claim on a wheel or suspension part won’t be
affected if you have remapped the bike. Go to a trusted workshop for your remap and often they
will be able to help you if a warranty claim arises.

What gains do I get from remapping my Triumph?
The latest models from Triumph are all affected by very strict EU regulations on exhaust gas
emissions, all of which can be adjusted or removed by remapping the standard ECU. This gives great
benefits to the riding sensation, the bike feels nicer and the engine can last longer between service
intervals, and of course, it can increase the torque and power of the engine.

Why should I remap my Triumph Speed Twin?
The Speed Twin is a great bike but suffers from lean fuelling designed to help the bike pass
emissions regulations. The ECU also has restrictions in the lower gears to make the bike softer and
more user-friendly, experienced riders will appreciate these restrictions being removed so they can
feel the true power of the engine in all gears.

Why should I remap my Triumph Speed Triple?
Like the other models from Triumph, the 765 & 1200 bikes both suffer from harsh fuelling in order to
pass emissions regulations. By means of a carefully developed remap the bikes can give a much
smoother power delivery which is very satisfying for an experienced rider.

Can I remap my Triumph for free?
There are remapping solutions for Triumph ECUs that do not require any license fee, so in theory
you could alter these yourself at home for just the cost of some basic cables. However without any
gas analysis equipment its absolutely impossible to have any idea how to adjust the fuelling, and
even slight alterations could damage the engine or make the bike difficult to ride causing loss of

Is TuneECU free?
The TuneECU software has a range of licensing options, and it can be used for free by home users. It
is strongly recommended to avoid making any changes to the bikes mapping without havingspecialist equipment such as dyno and gas analysis equipment, not to mention the years of experience
and education is required to properly understand the process.

What is the cost for a Triumph remap?
At Moto Hub we charge £449 (including vat) for a comprehensive remap of the ECU, which includes
all necessary restrictions and limiters are being removed as well as custom ignition tables to suit your
exhaust setup, and the fuelling.